Law Professor Darren Hutchinson writes in the Huffington Post: “Although LGBT workers remain vulnerable to discrimination across the nation, ENDA has not received much attention from the media and from many groups that advocate for LGBT rights. Instead, same-sex marriage and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell have occupied most of the recent headlines and have dominated the contemporary advocacy of many LGBT social movement organizations.”

He later argues: “Based on the most recent research and the unprotected status of LGBT workers in most states, the passage of ENDA should receive far more attention from the media and from LGBT social movement organizations.”

We agree. That’s why Freedom to Work is building a Speakers Bureau to raise the national profile of LGBT workplace issues. We believe in the power of personal stories to change hearts and minds and grow support for workplace equality and ENDA. We’re compiling the experiences of supporters across the country to help educate the American public about why LGBT Americans need the basic workplace protections that ENDA provides.